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Kern River Valley Yellow-billed Cuckoo Research

The Kern River Valley (KRV) has been a consistent cuckoo breeding area for over 30 years (Gaines 1977, Schonholtz 1983, Laymon et al. 1997, Henneman 2009). It holds one of the largest remaining contiguous cottonwood/willow forests in the state of California (Gaines 1977), and contains one of the largest populations of cuckoos in the state of CA. As such, the KRV provides critically important habitat for the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos which we have monitored periodically for decades. Our current cuckoo research in the KRV aims to (1) survey KRV riparian areas to assess Yellow-billed Cuckoo occupancy using the latest cuckoo survey methods, (2) document nesting success of breeding cuckoos, (3) and most importantly identify habitat characteristics vital to cuckoo site occupancy, habitat use, and nest placement. This research will help us verify the state of the KRV Yellow-billed Cuckoo population and identify critical habitat information currently unknown to scientists and land managers to aid in the recovery of the species.


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